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Whether it is your first home in Canada, your first home ever, or your next investment property, buying Real Estate is likely one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make in your lifetime. Obtaining the right mortgage is crucial to your happiness and financial success. At Roost we are committed to helping you through your financing process to help you obtain the best rates, terms and products for your unique personal needs! We are a RECA-licensed Mortgage Brokerage that services our clients' Residential Mortgage, Private Lending and Commercial Finance needs. Simply put, through our relationships with the industry's best banks and trust companies, we offer YOU the Best Mortgages in the Country!

Our corporate statement is that We work for You, Not the Lenders. This isn't advertising, it's our reality. We consider ourselves Your Mortgage Consultants for life. As mortgage experts, we focus 100% of our energies day-in, day-out to find you the best mortgage products available given your unique circumstances. Through our years of financial experience and focus on excellence in Customer Service, we aim to excel in meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations throughout your financing transaction.

We are Calgary mortgage brokers. Our Team of Mortgage Specialists has experience in working with home financing from coast to coast across Canada. This is experience that we put to work for you as we help guide you through your mortgage options on purchase, refinance and investment transactions. For standard Residential Mortgages, our services, expertise, education and hard work come at no cost to you, helping you get ahead faster and with better focus - just what you'd expect from any Specialist!

We thrive on helping with any and all of your Residential and Commercial mortgage needs: We are available to problem-solve your application over the phone at 403-802-7201.

Roost Mortgage offers a diverse array of products to help mortgage customers with their unique borrowing needs. Conventional Mortgage Financing requires at least 20% downpayment of the value of the home upon purchase to avoid requiring Mortgage Default Insurance. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, low-downpayment programs are available, but they must abide by the CMHC or Genworth guidelines.

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Mortgage Calculators ~ How Much Can I Afford

The shortest answer to that question is: it depends on a number of factors. The most influential factors are your gross household income, your down payment and the mortgage interest rate. Lenders will also consider your assets and liabilities. Your own lifestyle and debt comfort zone also come into play.

The calculations are based on two simple rules that lenders use to determine how much of a mortgage you can afford. The first rule is that your monthly housing costs should not exceed 35% of your gross monthly household income. Housing costs include monthly mortgage payments, taxes and heating expenses. If applicable, this sum should also include half of monthly condominium fees.
Secondly, your entire monthly debt load should not be any more than 42% of your gross monthly income. This includes housing costs, and other debts such as car payments, personal loans, and credit card payments.

Self employed

Canada's workforce is changing! Self-employed people represent a ever-growing proportion of the Canadian workforce. To help accommodate for this shift in population, mortgage lenders and insurers have released product enhancements in order to respond to this reality by making it easier for more self-employed borrowers to obtain mortgage loan insurance.

These programs not only allow for lower required down payments, but also allow self-employed borrowers to benefit from competitive interest rates.

Advantages of using a Broker

Price, service, selection, protection and the list goes on. 
Many lenders use the services of Mortgage Brokers to perform what is known as the "Origination" of the loan to meet with and pre-qualify the borrower, verify the credit and property aspects of the loan, and then provide it to them for funding.

For performing this function, the Lenders give the mortgage broker a WHOLESALE; that allows yourMortgage broker to be always competitive with those lenders that utilize their own staff to perform the function of the mortgage broker. There is never a fee to the borrower for the services of a Mortgage Broker.